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Why we use a “Flat Rate” pricing system:

There's a lot of confusion these days over “Flat Rate” versus “Time and Material” pricing systems. When broken down, it's easy to see why companies choose to bill “Flat Rate” over "T&M".

What is “Flat Rate?”

Flat Rate pricing systems still use an hourly rate. Every company needs an hourly rate to understand their overhead and profit expectations. That hourly rate is then applied to the national average of what it takes to complete a task.  So if the national average to install an electric water heater is 2 hours, 2 hours of labor is applied to the task. Then the material is added in. The difference here is that you, the customer, are not penalized for part runs or slower installations. Most flat rate companies present the price up front so you always know what you're paying before any work starts.   

Advantages to Flat Rate:

Flat rate works for you.

At King Plumber we strive to bring you the best plumbing experience possible. This is why we chose to be a flat rate company.